About Me


My name is Nina Ferrucci. I am 18 years old, and I love to bake cupcakes. They are the perfect dessert - personalized mini-cakes packed with flavor that never produce leftovers! And I absolutely love the smiles and laughter my creations bring to the faces of friends, family, and strangers alike.

I discovered my passion for baking cupcakes about 5 years ago when my mother asked me if I wanted to help her make dessert for expected company. I reluctantly obliged. But as soon as I saw the smiles and dreamy-eyed looks my creations brought, I was hooked. I started to bake regularly, experimenting with different flavors and always gifting them to family and friends.

Since then, I improved my technique and have built quite the cupcake repertoire. I still continue to hone my craft and experiment with different flavors and recipes. And now, my cupcakes are nothing short of perfection! Cupcake Culture is a dream that I have where I can do what I love and the smiles I get to see on my customers' faces are just as bright as mine!

With love,

Nina Ferrucci, Owner and Founder